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Ascending and Descending Triangles


  1. Triangle Chart Pattern
  2. Ascending and Descending Triangle Continuation Patterns

Two closely related variants of the Triangle pattern are the Ascending and Descending Triangle pattern; these two patterns are shown below in the chart of the 100 ounce Gold futures:

ascending and descending triangle breakout chart patterns

Ascending Triangle

An Ascending Triangle is viewed as being more bullish than the regular Triangle patterns. With an Ascending Triangle, higher lows are being made (typically a bullish sign) and sometimes higher highs are being made (also typically a bullish sign).

Ascending Triangle Potential Buy Signal

As with the regular Triangle formation, the Ascending Triangle potentially gives a buy signal when the resistance line is penetrated to the upside. Also, the signal is considered to be stronger if prices have been in an uptrend prior to the Ascending Triangle and upside breakout.

Descending Triangle

The Descending Triangle is viewed as being more bearish than the regular Triangle patterns. When a Descending Triangle is formed, lower lows are being made (typically a bearish sign) and quite often, lower highs are being made (generally seen as bearish).

Descending Triangle Potential Sell Signal

With the Descending Triangle formation, a possible sell signal occurs when the support line is penetrated to the downside. Traders usually view the sell signal as being stronger if prices have been in a confirmed downtrend prior to the Descending Triangle formation and downside breakout.

A similar chart formation is the Flag pattern (see: Flag).

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